Deep Tissue Massage

In a Deep Tissue Massage treatment, the therapist applies firm pressure in order to address the deepest layers of muscle tissue, fascial tissue and tendons. The strokes are generally slower, deeper and more intentional than those used in Swedish or Relaxation Massage and a wider variety of strokes may be employed in order to manipulate the deeper tissues to make corrective changes.


For example, the therapist may use “stripping” techniques to break down adhesions (a.k.a. scar tissue or “knots”), which can inhibit healthy circulation, cause pain and inflammation, and limit range of motion. Other strokes may be employed to encourage tissue fibers to run in the correct direction, improve tissue elasticity, encourage rebuilding of tissue fibers and relieve discomfort around joints.


The techniques used in Deep Tissue Massage can be combined to release chronic muscular tension, restore range of motion, and alleviate pain in both new and long-standing issues. Examples of issues that can be effectively treated with Deep Tissue Massage include injuries from repetitive strain, postural problems, osteoarthritis, and conditions such as Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and Whiplash.


The effectiveness of Deep Tissue Massage for such problems is now so well documented that many medical doctors have begun to suggest and prescribe massage to their patients. Added benefits include lowered blood pressure and stress hormones, as well as higher levels of mood-improving and pain-reducing hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin.


Deep Tissue Massage is very therapeutic for many conditions and can be customized to suit every individual's needs. Feel free to contact me and we will plan a Deep Tissue treatment for you.

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