Myofascial Release Massage


Myofascial Release Massage is a treatment modality that specifically targets fascial tissue in order to restore ease of motion and full range of motion, as well as to alleviate pain. Fascial tissue is a white, membranous, thin and elastic connective tissue that wraps around muscle and muscle groups and weaves inside of all muscles, down to the individual fiber. It serves to lubricate motions between muscles and to give additional support and form to muscles and their connections with the skeleton, among other functions in the body.


It is beneficial to work the fascial tissue, as it can become inelastic, or “stuck”, and restricted due to many causes, including stress, repetitive overuse, a physical trauma, inactivity, and certain diseases. This inelastic and restricted state can in turn cause pain, muscle tension and diminished blood flow, a loss of range of motion and postural problems. Likewise, because muscle and fascial tissue are interconnected, injuries to muscle tissue effect fascial tissue. Due to its pervasive nature and close relationship with muscles, work to release the fascia would most likely be beneficial whenever a person is experiencing pain (both chronic and acute), having difficulty moving, or has been experiencing prolonged tension. 


 A Myofascial Release Massage practioneer works to change the state of the fascial tissue by applying force to release the tension, elongate the tissue, break down adhesions and restore elasticity. Myofascial Release strokes are similar to those used in Deep Tissue Massage, but are done without any oil or lotion and are often slower in order to optimize the contact and effects on the fascial tissue. Myofascial Release strokes may be used to complement a Deep Tissue Massage or in a session of devoted to fascial work.

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