Prenatal Massage

During normal, healthy pregnancies, massage is a safe and effective way to give the mother-to-be relief from some of the common conditions of pregnancy that can become tiring and even painful. Back-aches, a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, sciatica and swelling, for example, can be relieved with Prenatal Massage.


Additionally, massage during pregnancy can reduce stress, encourage deep sleep, regulate hormones and mood, make breathing easier, improve digestive health, posture, energy levels, and red blood cell counts, help prepare the body for delivery and boost mood and immunity. It has also been suggested that Prenatal Massage has beneficial effects for the baby as well by regulating the mother’s hormones and improving her overall health so that her body is better able to develop that of her baby.


When considering Prenatal Massage, make sure your massage therapist has been certified in Prenatal Massage before scheduling your appointment. I hold a certificate in Prenatal Massage and am very conscienous of safety and comfort in all my sessions.


I love working with pregnant women and helping them feel more at ease in their bodies. I also encourage women to receive massage after labor to help the body recover and during the baby's first-year, when so much is asked of parents' bodies.


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